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Playful catAnyone who knows me knows I am a cat lover first and foremost!

I have two adorable cats that love to play indoors and outdoors. When the weather starts to get rainy, I have found that both my cats always stay inside. They love to scratch at the side of the couch, the carpet on the stairs, and pretty much every other surface that they can get their paws on.

I first saw the Cat’s Meow while having coffee at a friend’s house. It was a delightful little set-up watching her energetic kitten jump and pounce around this fun toy. I started thinking that it may be an idea to invest in one for my cats – especially for those rainy days when the cats are stuck inside.

So I looked through a number of Cat’s Meow reviews online to determine how well this device worked. After noticing mostly favorable reviews, I decided to get one for my house.

It’s now been about three weeks since receiving this device in the mail so I decided to put together my own Cat’s Meow review. In this article I’ll discuss how it works, what others think of this device, pros and cons, and finally where to get the best deal when you buy it online.

My Experience with the Cat’s Meow

catwithtoyAbout 1 weeks after ordering the Cat’s Meow, which was an easy process, I received my package and began to set it up. The price of $19.95 was really not a big expense as far as kitty-related things go, and I was quite pleased with the quality of the unit I received.

When I turned my toy on for the first time, I was almost run over by one of my cats as it pounced on the wand that had just began to rotate around. My older cat is almost 10 years old now and isn’t as active as he was years ago, but he jumped after the wand like he was a kitten again. It was so nice to see him running back and forth, I almost didn’t notice my other cat stalking the Cat’s Meow from behind the couch! :)

In the weeks that followed, both of my kitties had no shortage of fun playing with this toy and neither seem to be getting tired of it. Every day around lunch or after dinner, I push the button and they both play together chasing the wand around – instead of tearing up the poor couch or their personal favorite, shredding the roll of bathroom tissue!!

Other Cat’s Meow Reviews

So I searched around the internet for a bunch of other Cat’s Meow reviews to see what other cat-owners thought of this toy. It seems that people were mostly happy with this device, with mostly people highlighting its low price point for something so entertaining for cats.

Anyways, I’ve included a few excerpts from these Cat’s Meow reviews below for some extra info on what others think of this toy.

“One of my cats loves it, sits by it, comes running when I turn it on, or even hears me moving it. She’ll play with it for an hour or more if I let her, which is great because my two indoor cats can use the exercise and extra mental amusement etc.” Steve Murphy, Amazon.com

“This toy is great for a kitten – keeps her entertained for up to an hour. With respect to assembling the product, use a very small screwdriver to open the battery cover and be sure to keep track of the screw because it falls out.” Phyllis, Amazon.com

“Great toy! I have 7 cats that play with it. Very easy to assemble. Toy does not turn itself off so if you forget to turn it off of the cat falls asleep on it and the batteries might die.” Glen Wilcox, Amazon.com

My Cat’s Meow Review Results:


  • Very Durable Materials: After I first took the unit out of the box and assembled it (which was easier than I thought it would be) I thought the material of the mat wouldn’t be strong enough and would get ruined easily. This was happily not the case. The nylon sheet is actually very tough, and has taken the beatings of two cats for over a month now and is still in one piece.
  • Powerful Motor:even after my cats pounce, the wand keeps going, and because it changes directions and speeds, they don’t get bored of it.
  • Low Price: For $19.95, this incredibly entertaining cat’s toy is a steal!


  • Battery Life: I have noticed that the first set of batteries that went in were worn out within about 3 weeks. Given the amount of play time that the unit was used for, I can’t say that I was really surprised. I have since started using rechargeable batteries for the toy instead, and it has worked out pretty well so far.


catimagemeowI have brought home so many little toys and gizmos for my cats I’ve lost track. Considering all the money I have spent for little toy mice and squeaky toys, I think that the Cat’s Meow has given me the best value of all my toys. The kitties have had many hours of entertainment and this toy has not yet seemed to lose any of its appeal.

It is especially great to turn on when the cats are stuck inside for the day and you don’t have time to entertain them yourself!

If you are looking for a fun toy to get your cat excited, then I recommend that Cat’s Meow for sure.

Where To Buy Cat’s Meow – IMPORTANT INFO

catsmeowIf you’re interested in getting this little gadget for your cat(s) you will want to get it from the official seller. I’ve noticed that a bunch of gadgets are now on the market in this category but unfortunately many of them don’t work very well. To help you avoid getting ripped off when you buy it online, I’ve included a link to the official seller of Cat’s Meow.

Also, if you buy it through them, you have up to 30 days to return it for a full refund if you find you don’t like it.

Special Update: For a limited time, the official seller is offering a 2 for 1 deal on the Cat’s Meow toy. That means you get TWO toys for 19.95. Now’s the time to buy it folks!

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